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Music video of the Nov. 25th, 2016 concert in which I conducted the Singapore Symphony Orchestra ensemble playing a special short arrangement of my Symphony N1 which I recently composed


This arrangement, entitled "Mirabilia mundi", is my hommage to the wonders of the world, so the video includes, besides views of the orchestra playing, views of soùme of the natural wonders of our world.

Rehearsing and conducting this piece with the SSO musicians was a pleasure, and I learned a lot from them. They enjoyed the piece and I was told this piece will be played by an orchestra made of young music students at a classical music festival in Guangzhou, China, during the second half of January 2017. More info will follow on this. 


This piece is "happy music", I felt positive energy while I was writing it, and I hope I am able to convey it to those who listen to it.


I beleive it makes sense to combine classical music with visual images, as is currently done in other forms such as popular music, because many people, nowadays, especially young ones, listen to music in association with images, and almost only so. The same way we went from mute movies to movies with sounds and music, we are now moving from music by itself to music associated with images, at least in certain areas.Why not classical? Associating images to pieces of classical music that are new, not too long and relatively easy to appreciate will likely result in more young people getting interested in classical music...


I started this symphonic challenge by writing this short arrangement which combines my various ideas and sketches for the full symphony, and will now need to extract the "juice" and fully develop the symphony's various movements, as they should. This is a big challenge awaiting me in 2017...

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