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When everything has been said, music takes over and brings it all to a higher level. To me music is a multi-dimensional experience, personal as well as collective, one that sets no limits to the imagination and knows no boundaries. Something unique and magical can be found in every type of music. It is a universal language that carries feelings and dreams across cultures, races and people, space and time..."


Music has been part of my life since childhood. My parents were amateur musicians and our home was often filled with friends who came to share the joy of impromptu music sessions. I didn't, however, receive proper formal music education aside from ten years of private classical piano lessons. Too busy later on with my engineering and business studies and a  career that took me a bit all over the world, I couldn't spend too much time on music. Yet music was with me at all times. I carry fond memories  of playing  piano at school when I was a kid, later at  Harvard Business School during our class breaks, with bands at the jazz club in Hong Kong, or piano-bar during my engineering studies in Italy or just jamming with friends.  
Lack of in-depth formal musical training means I am technically limited in what I can do although I was told early on that I had an unusually good ear. My music is thus bound to be simple and instinctive.   Being largely ignorant of rules and forms carries one advantage however: not feeling bound by any rules I can give free rein to my imagination and feelings.  My interest in music covers many genres, from classical to bossa nova, from big band jazz to ballads, from blues to chamber music, soul, oriental music etc.
Years ago while living in Asia I started writing music in my free time ,  enjoying the creative process and the introspection that goes with it. Having  accumulated sketches of creations, I recently decided to clean it all up, self-learn some basics and see what I could do with it all. Dedicating more and more time and attention to music  inevitably happens to the detriment of  my business and book writing activities but if one does not live one's passions, one lives half a life... 
I was delighted to see my first ouverture, "Le Prince", recorded and performed by the full Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra. Conducting  ensembles from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra playing my music at  gala concerts, performing at a jazz festival in Juan les Pins and experiencing my own classical and jazz creations coming to life were wonderful experiences  and encourage me to forge on. "You", my first jazz album featuring my own  jazz and big band compositions and songs was  hard work, but  recording with some of the best pro jazz musicians in France was a magical experience, it taught me a lot.  I am grateful to the people who are making all of this possible. 

Mine is a journey of personal discovery. I don't know where it will take me but I intend to enjoy the ride and share it with you.
Enjoy the music!
Francesco B.
June 2016

© 2016 by Francesco Bongiovanni

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