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"You" WAs my first jazz album and    a real "musical project" in itself. The album  features my original music, lyrics and vocals.


We tried to give a twist to the big band crooner style with a fresh  approach through elaborate and dynamic arrangements executed by our top notch pro musicians.


The album features 7 tracks for which I composed the music and wrote the lyrics - You", "Some place else", "Closer", "Don't step on me", "Last night in Manhattan", "Everytime I look into your eyes" and "Soul daddy" - plus 2 classics - "Fly me to the moon" and "On Broadway" , all superbly arranged.

Released in July 2016,  the album was recorded in Paris in June 2016 with the participation of some 20 of the best pro jazz musicians in France. Reviews and comments on the album have so far been quite encouraging. 

My warmest thanks go to the many people who made this album possible, in particular to artistic director Bernadette Beltran and arranger/conductor Christophe Violland, and of course to the musicians.

"You" was team work, hard work, but  we hopefully came up with something cool, original and interesting for your enjoyment...

DEMO ALBUM "YOU" 1 - Francesco B.

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